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Switch NetGear M4250-10G2XF-PoE+ (GSM4212PX)

NetGear M4250-10G2XF-PoE+ (GSM4212PX) : 8x1G PoE+ 240W 2x1G and 2xSFP+ Managed Switch
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Thiết bị mạng Switch NetGear M4250-10G2XF-PoE+ (GSM4212PX)

Model M4250-10G2XF-PoE+ (GSM4212PX)
Technical Specs
Primary Port Speed  1 Gigabit
Number of Ports  12 (10x 1G, 2x SFP)
PoE Ports / Budget  8 PoE+ (30W/port), 240W Budget
IGMP Support  Enhanced (NETGEAR IGMP Plus™)
Jumbo Frame Support  Yes, up to 12kb
Acoustics  Fanless or 39.22dB@25ºC
Power Consumption  With PoE: 306.4W/1046.050Btu/hr; Without PoE: 25W/85.35Btu/hr; Standby without any port connection: 12.96W/44.245Btu/hr
AVB Support  Yes. Electronic license required, activation key sent via email (AVB4212PX-10000S)
Physical Specification
Dimensions (WxDxH)  440 x 200 x 43.2mm
Weight  2.9Kg (6.39lb)

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